Mortoff d.o.o.

About the company.

Mortoff was founded in 2002, and thanks to its decades of experience, it has become a prominent name not only in Hungary but also internationally. Mortoff is the largest IT company in Budapest, employing over 160 programmers.

The Mortoff team wanted to replace their old website with a completely unique, new solution. It was particularly honoring for us that, despite their own expertise and professionals, they chose ErdSoft's solution. This placed a significant responsibility on us, and we emphasized precision, security, and thorough testing throughout the project.

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The primary goal of the developments was to completely replace the old, outdated websites with new, unique solutions. It was also crucial that Mortoff's team could create new websites from the admin interface.

To increase website traffic, we placed exceptional emphasis on search engine optimization. Our aim was to create a modern website that aligns with the latest technological and SEO standards and requirements. We wanted it to compete with and even surpass competitor websites.


It was a particular honor for us that one of Hungary's leading IT companies chose our solutions for the creation of their new website. We worked on the solution between 2018 and 2020. Throughout the process, we provided our expertise in programming and consulting services to our client.

We introduced a solution that allows for easy creation of new pages from the admin interface, and the website excels in terms of SEO, enabling strong performance on search engines.

The results.

We created a website and CRM system for Mortoff that perfectly aligns with today's technological standards. The modern, sleek design, high-quality and informative content with relevant keywords, and excellent technological solutions all contribute to the success of Mortoff's business through the website.

Thanks to the exceptionally thorough search engine optimization, the new website performs well on search engine result pages and attracts numerous organic visitors to the site.

What people say


We wanted a modern and tasteful website through which we could communicate effectively with our clients and potential customers. This is exactly what we got from Erdsoft. Fast and high-quality work, customer-centric approach. Thank you!

Zsófia Rátonyi
Mortoff d.o.o.
Marketing assistant

We have developed a stylish website and CRM system for Budapest's largest IT company.

The website and CRM system we created for Mortoff perfectly align with today's technological standards. The modern, fresh design, high-quality and informative content with relevant keywords, along with excellent technological solutions, all contribute to the website's ability to contribute to Mortoff's business success.

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