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Tematic Media Group is an experienced company focused on the Eastern European media market, employing professionals in the field. Their expertise lies in distributing television channels produced by either themselves or other providers.

For Tematic Cable, we had to create a program scheduling software that automates the compilation of the program schedule, significantly reducing the time needed for this process. This greatly facilitates the work of the company's employees. The result of the software is evident not only in a faster and more convenient workflow but also in a more diverse program schedule, leading to more satisfied customers for Tematic Cable.

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Previously, Tematic Cable's employees manually compiled the program schedule, which was an extremely time-consuming and complex task. Creating the program schedule required adhering to various strict rules, such as licensing rights, among others.

To simplify the workflow, we needed to create a digitized system that automates the program scheduling process. At the push of a button, it generates a diverse and exciting program schedule for the upcoming months, significantly simplifying the work for Tematic Cable's employees and speeding up the planning process.


For Tematic Cable, we developed a program scheduling software that adheres to 57 strict rules to create a diverse program schedule automatically at the push of a button. Creating such a complex system required over 1000 hours of development.

In addition to the program scheduler, we also created a rights fee collection system for our client. This system tracks Tematic Cable's users, payments, royalties, and resellers. Previously, they used Excel spreadsheets to track payments, which was highly time-consuming and prone to errors.

The results.

Tematic Cable's program scheduling software quickly and easily creates a diverse program schedule that satisfies television viewers. Such software significantly simplifies the work for employees and minimizes the risk of errors or violations.

Thanks to the digitized system based on the ErdSoft CRM Core, Tematic Cable's employees can gain insights into user payments and royalty payment processes. Thus, these processes can be easily and quickly tracked as well.

Creating a diverse program schedule quickly and easily.

We created a program scheduling software for Tematic Cable that, adhering to 57 strict rules, automatically generates a diverse program schedule at the push of a button. Developing such a complex system required over 1000 hours of development.

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